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Breeding with honesty & integrity for
healthy, happy family pets

Northbound started 15 years ago when I first looked for my ideal dog, like you are now, I trawled through the internet cooing over beautiful pictures not sure where to go or who to speak too. I spoke to friends, family and generally accosted lovely dog-owning people in the street to discuss their pets.


I knew I wanted a dog that was not too ‘working,’ not too small, not too big and had that special something. I also have allergies to light weight, fly away fur, and also oily fur, so I was looking for a low to non-shedding dog with the right coat to suit me.​

I discovered the labradoodle!! Having never heard of the breed before I went away to research further, and since that day my head was honestly and truly turned. 

​So why am I breeding Bernedoodles?

Having lived and breathed Australian Labradoodles for 15years and breeding them for over 10years, I wanted to invest my knowledge and experience into another doodle line.  I wanted to work with a breed that has a low prey drive, are good eaters, less likely to jump up at people and yet still be that wonderful intelligent, happy goofy doodle that I love but without some of the traits that occasionally frustrate my Australian Labradoodle owners. 

I also love colour genetics, and working with the Bernedoodle challenges me further with the coat and colour genetics. 

  • I aim to produce well thought-out Bernedoodle litters, reared in my home and via specifically sought out health tested parents from the UK or overseas.

  • I will continue with best practice and only breed when the health tests are undertaken from both parents, from sound temperaments and to enhance the breed for the long term.


  • I aim to support my puppy owners with all aspects of dog ownership and to do so with honesty and integrity.


My dogs undergo the following tests:  

hip & elbow scoring, BVA eye test, plus hereditary genetic tests for Exercise Induced Collapse, Degenerative Myelopathy, Improper Coat, Von Willebrand, PRa, and DNA profiling and genetic colour profiling. Full details and explanations can be found on my Health Tests page.

My dogs are not raised or live in kennels, they do not have a constrained life.  My breeding dogs are pets first and foremost, and either live in my home or in my fantastic guardian home program.

I breed for the best example of the Bernedoodle and my pups are all wanted and loved. The time and effort I invest in my puppies is reflected in their fine natures and ability to settle into new homes. 

I run my home breeding programme to the highest professional standards and with a dedication and passion for the longevity of the breed.

​What is a professional breeder?

A professional is someone dedicated to their chosen passion, who is invested, knowledgeable and continually grows through personal development. 

As a professional breeder, I have committed my lifestyle to the protection and development of my breed. I have undertaken courses with the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers), Advanced Breeding and Reproduction, plus Genetic lectures with specialists.

Professional breeders are needed because of their understanding of in-breeding, genetics, health, diversity, investment in importing new lines, networking with breeders across the world, and then there is the education, coaching and guidance given to new and existing owners for the longevity of the dog's life.  There is no short cut to gaining knowledge and expertise.

A professional breeder takes responsibility for every litter and is there at any time 365 days a year for the raising and care of the dogs and to support the owners. I am very rarely 'off-duty.'.


A professional breeder will be council-licensed, tax registered and will have a trusted support team around them from first name terms with their vet, the emergency 24hr vet facilities, the reproduction specialists, groomer, a network of colleague breeders and much more.

My home and garden is designed just for my dogs, and I pride myself in producing quality, well rounded, steady puppies, that comes from professional experience, time and knowledge.

Northbound has been established for a decade, since 2012.  I am not a here today, gone tomorrow breeder, but one that is looking to invest and protect the future of the breed and to support my owners for the lifetime of their Northbound dog.  This level of friendly professionalism will continue with the Bernedoodle.

Northbound is based in the North West of England on the Cheshire/Lancs/Greater Manchester border with easy access from the M6/M60.

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