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Northbound Mini Bernedoodle

Breeding with honesty & integrity for
healthy, happy family pets

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bernedoodles Hypoallergenic?

Allergies are linked on a basic level to three areas; coat, dander and saliva.

Coat; Bernedoodles can have various degrees of shedding depending on the generation of the parents. I aim to breed minimal shedding to low shedding.  My current girl Piper does not shed, however when brushed the hair does come out in large amounts, yet non is left on clothes, sofa etc...

Dander; this is what comes off every dog naturally, and more so when groomed.

Saliva; Licking of hands can cause irritation and hayfever like symptoms.

I have allergies and am not affected by my Bernedoodles. 

Do Bernedoodles make good therapy dogs?

Therapy dogs are not bred and born for the role. Yes the breeder does have a hand in making a sound and steady dog through parental temperament and early socialisation. However, it is down to you the owner to invest serious time and effort in a good years worth of training to gain the PAT assessment.

Do I sell therapy dogs? No.  I breed well rounded, sound, steady puppies from healthy robust dogs. The rest is up to you.

What size are your Bernedoodles?

I am aware that Bernese Mountain Dogs, and indeed standard poodles are large dogs.  With early generation breeding you can have grandparent throwbacks which is important to be mindful of.​

I am aiming to breed medium sized Bernedoodles, so to keep that great temperament but in a more manageable size. The size I hope to achieve is c.18-21"

What exercise do they need?

Bernedoodles are not a long distance running companion, but rather an endurance athlete for long woodland, fells and mountain walks.  They have stamina rather than speed.


Bernedoodles as puppies need careful and appropriate exercise.  Approximately 10mins for every month of their life is the norm for at least 8-12months. 

Puppies must not be allowed to chase a ball, jump for a ball, have free access to staircases, be overweight or slip on indoor flooring.  You only have one chance to to protect joints and hips, so make sure you are careful. 


Bernedoodles will not be satisfied with lead walks or regular same old parks.  They need to sniff, leg stretch, use their brain and nose. Without walks and stimulation the Bernedoodle can chew and become destructive. 

Are your dogs health tested?

My dogs undergo the following tests:  

BVA or OFA hip & elbow scoring, BVA eye test, plus hereditary genetic tests for Exercise Induced Collapse, Degenerative Myelopathy, Improper Coat, Von Willebrand, PRa, and DNA profiling and genetic colour profiling. Full details and explanations can be found on my Health Tests page.

​Where do your Bernedoodles live?

My dogs are not raised or live in kennels, they do not have a constrained life.  My breeding dogs are pets first and foremost, and either live in my home or in my fantastic guardian home program.

I run my home breeding programme to the highest professional standards and with a dedication and passion for the longevity of the breed.

What are your payment terms?

Payment is split into three stages; £300 non-refundable payment to join my waiting list, £600 once the litter is born that you agree to take a puppy from, and the final amount prior to puppy collection at 8 weeks old.​ 

Pups sold under a breeding contract will have a separate price and terms.

How long have you been breeding?

Northbound has been established for a decade, since 2012.  I am not a here today, gone tomorrow breeder, but one that is looking to invest and protect the future of the breed and to support my owners for teh lifetime of their Northbound dog.


Professional breeders are needed because of their understanding of in-breeding, genetics, health, diversity, investment in importing new lines, networking with breeders across the world, and then there is the education, coaching and guidance given to new and existing owners for the longevity of the dog's life.  There is no short cut to gaining knowledge and expertise.

A professional breeder takes responsibility for every litter and is there at any time 365 days a year for the raising and care of the dogs and to support the owners. I am very rarely 'off-duty.'.

Can we come and meet your dogs?

Unfortunately as my dogs live in my home, I am not able to have strangers come in and out for an hour or two at a time.  However I do hold informative Zoom calls when I can show you my home and Bernedoodles. 


If you have paid a non-refundable waiting list deposit then yes, you can visit at a time that is convenient.

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