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Northbound Bernedoodles

Breeding with honesty & integrity for
healthy, happy family pets

I have high standards in the quality of puppies I breed and raise.

This is achieved through the rigorous testing I perform on my dogs.

The parents of my pups will have undergone the following tests and these certificates will be shown

to prospective puppy owners.


This is a genetically inherited disorder that affects the eye. A dog which is affected by the gene can have over time the retina at the back of the eye degenerate and eventually die. The start of the degenerate process begins with night blindness, then to light blindness and ultimately a loss of sight.

Von Willebrand's Disease (VWD)

This is also a genetically inherited bleeding disorder that is similar to haemophilia in people in that the affected dog is missing a part of their DNA which helps platelets form clots. These disorder can be found in Retrievers (Chesapeake, Golden), GSH Pointers and Standard Poodles. 

Puppy Health Check Xray
Hip Scoring

The hips should be more or less symmetrical and each hip is scored on 9 different areas. The first three scores focus on the dog's conformation, whilst the final 6 boxes can point towards a potential concern such as arthritis

Elbow Scoring

The grading on a dogs elbow is from 0-3 with 0 being the best, and 3 the worst.

Dogs with a score of 2 or 3 should not be bred from.

BVA Eye Test

This test confirms the absence of hereditary eye disease in dogs (male and female) used for breeding purposes.

Degenerative Myelopathy

An incurable disease that attacks the spinal cord and results in eventual paralysis of the rear legs.

Exercise Induced Collapse

A genetically inherited condition originating from the Labrador and Spaniel that causes the dog to collapse when under extreme exercise/heat/excitement.

Health Tests Puppies
Colour Profiling

To confirm via DNA the colours my puppies could be.

Improper Coat

To confirm via DNA the coat type of the parents which will impact the puppies produced.


Pups will be microchipped before leaving me. 

This is required by law now and the breeder must be listed as the first registered keeper for accountability and tracking.  Microchips will be transferred once the dog has been neutered.

Puppy Worming

Wormed at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks with Drontal, plus vet checked before going to new homes.

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