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Guardian Home Required for Rocky

As much as I want every dog living with me, it just is not possible, and one of the difficulties is having a stud dog living with in-season girls.

I need an intelligent, dog savvy home to take on Rocky my mini Bernedoodle as a guardian host. Location wise, the ideal home should be no more than an hour from the M41 postcode.

This means that a home takes on Rocky free of charge, and with my continual support.

However a guardian home comes with a degree of responsibility.

1) You are taking on a working stud dog and should be able to raise, contain and care for Rocky properly.

2) Rocky needs to be raised on raw food and minimal chemical intervention; no cheap foods or monthly flea/wormer.

3) Rocky needs to maintain a healthy body condition and have exercise appropriate to his size and weight, and to attend training classes with key focus on recall.

4) Rocky needs to be available when needed for Northbound stud duties up to 5-6year old, and is not permitted to be used at stud outside of my programme.

In terms of temperament, Rocky is an absolute delight. He is a happy chap, who loves his off-lead play, his café visits, and adores people and children. He is active dog, and on an evening loves to curl up on the sofa.

Rocky will mature to c17" and approximately 12kg. He has a non-shedding fleece coat which will require regular brushing and groomer appointments.

Rocky will live well as an only dog or with a steady neutered friend.

Rocky does need basic training although very good on the lead and with recall. Toilet habits need to be focused on. He does toilet on command in the garden, however if left too long he may find a quiet piddle spot in the hall ! This will easily be trained out and not a worry.

Rocky is excellent in the crate and settles quietly in it every night.

All enquiries should be via the Contact Form.

Thank you

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