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Bernedoodles on the Beach

Breeding with honesty & integrity for
healthy, happy family pets

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a guardian home?

A guardian home takes on a dog, male or female, of my choosing as the best in the litter, or a puppy that has been imported from abroad.   The guardian home takes on a puppy to raise to a high standard and to be part of the blossoming Northbound Bernedoodle programme.   

The puppy will come free of charge, but there is a high degree of responsibility.

Once the dog has completed their breeding career, they will be spayed/neutered and remain with the guardian home as a pet for life.


The different guardian home routes:

To take on a female for a small number of litters.

To take on a male for a set number of years as a stud.


What are the main responsibilities of being a guardian?

The guardian home is entrusted with a critical part of my future breeding programme and business,

this privilege must be respected and we must have a relationship of honesty.

  • essential socialisation

  • attending training to a minimum Kennel Club bronze award

  • feed exactly the same food I feed whilst in my breeding programme

  • maintain a healthy body condition for breeding

  • appropriate exercise to the age of the dog

  • grooming and ear care

  • the guardian girl must also spend a catch-up weekend with me prior to first mating.

  • to not allow the dog to go up and down stairs prior to hip/elbow xrays.

If a guardian home has children, they should be of an appropriate age that can follow parental instruction and appreciate the importance of animal care and gentle handling. Homes with very young children will not be considered.

Additionally the right family home must show common sense and regular communication with me. 


What are the benefits to be a guardian?

To take free of charge an imported puppy, or the best of the litter I have bred and chosen. 

This is NOT a great way to get a free dog, those who have this as their key motivator do not rise to my high standards of dog care and the dog is removed.

To have my ongoing support, and to enjoy the process.

What are the benefits and responsibilities for the breeder?

​The puppy placed will remain the legal ownership of myself whilst he/she is a Northbound breeding dog, and ownership only transferred to the guardian home once the dog is neutered at my expense.


The puppy will return to me for health testing, mating and again for birthing (c.7weeks in my care).  The female dog will spend approximately two thirds of her time in the Guardian home (prior to spay), and will be required for occasional stay in the Northbound breeder home in the first two years in order that she feels happy and comfortable here before returning to whelp.

I will happily take in the girl whilst in season if a Guardian Home prefers this.  


All health testing and vet related breeding costs are the responsibility of myself the breeder, all routine costs and insurance are the responsibility of the guardian home.

I expect the guardian dog to not go upstairs or sleep upstairs prior to hip scoring.

​I provide all guardians with a Tractive GPS device to attach to the dogs collar to give that extra security, safety and peace of mind.

What are the negatives?

It is worth noting that should the guardian home dog not be kept in a healthy condition as assessed by a vet or the guardian renege on the agreed legally binding contract, or the dogs upbringing is in conflict to my high standards, then the dog will be removed from the guardian home with immediate effect and a potential financial penalty based on business loss should the male/female dog be unable to fulfil their contract terms.  I have no qualms about removing my breeding dog from your home.

However, removal of a guardian dog is highly unlikely to happen as both parties are fully aware of the conditions of the guardian home contract, we do build up a friendship, a trust in each other and a love for this delightful breed.  

I fully support and mentor my guardian homes on all areas of puppy and dog development, training, exercise and feeding.

Other points...

A question often asked by guardian homes is;  will the dog miss me too much? 

Actually, the dog really doesn’t!

We perversely want our dogs to miss us so we feel an odd gratification that the dog needs us. The pups that go into guardian homes have lived with me for a while or been bred by me. This means I am very much their home and family too.

This is a positive thing for the dog as they have two homes that love her/him dearly and can fit in beautifully with both. I have never had a guardian home dog come back to me and pine for their guardian home family….it just doesn’t happen.

They have a wonderful time here with me and my other dogs.

Another question raised is; can I come and visit when my guardian home girl has had her pups?

Absolutely, I would expect you to come over and visit, it’s not a problem at all.

The gorgeous girl, once she has fully raised her puppies will be returned back to you in the best condition.

Finally, what if I don’t want the girl to return to you and have a litter?
That will never happen, because that is why my chosen girl (or stud) is in my Northbound breeding programme and in a guardian home not a pet home.

So being a guardian home is probably not the path to suit you.  

Or you accept my girl will come back to me for her health tests, mating and raising of pups, or he/she is returned to me permanently.  It really is that simple

Here are some guardian comments from my Australian Labradoodle guardian homes:

"Johanne has provided us with is second to none. Without her knowledge and expertise we would have struggled with all aspects of being a puppy owner. She is always available to speak with for a friendly natter or to ask questions about diet, training and any struggles we have faced and this has been an amazing help.

Johanne is not just a breeder, she goes above and beyond for her dogs. Always keeping us up to date with new training programmes, new food recommendations and everything she does is always to benefit her dogs and their owners."

"Johanne goes above and beyond to be a responsible ethical breeder and as a result breeds the most wonderful dogs which would be an asset to any home lucky enough to give one their forever home.
Clearly Johanne’s priority is her dogs and making sure they go to suitable homes.  As she is a very busy lady she may come across as blunt or stern when asking questions about you and your life (and she wont mind me saying this) but this is for your and the wonderful dogs’ benefit. Be open and honest and you’ll get the right dog for you."

"Being a guardian needs thinking through, there is a bigger sense of responsibility keeping an expensive breeding dog safe and being on the lookout for dogs on heat.  And you must be prepared to fit in with the health and feeding requirements (which we didn't find onerous but some might, raw feeding is not for everyone!). The network of guardians is also great for support too. Johanne's a straight talker, you know where you are, and I like that!

Johanne's commitment to her dogs, her pups, guardians and their owners is second to none."

"I have known Johanne for over 8 years when I started the search for a labradoodle puppy as a companion for my first dog. I did not hesitate to become a guardian when an opportunity became available."

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