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Bernedoodle uk

Breeding with honesty & integrity for
healthy, happy family pets


Piper is a beautiful girl and my first Bernedoodle.  To start off my Bernedoodle programme it was important to begin with the best I could get and that meant importing Piper from Europe.

Health testing and temperament are crucial to my breeding programme and it was important that Piper came from a breeder who thoroughly health tests her dogs prior to breeding and raises great temperament puppies in the home environment.

Temperament wise, Piper very much takes after the Bernese Mountain Dog with her exceptionally gentle and calm nature.  At 4months old she walks beautifully to heel on and off the lead and recalls well to the whistle. 

At 7months old Piper is so unbelievably gentle with my 3-8 week old Australian Labradoodle puppies, and innately lies down for children to stroke her.

I cannot express how amazing this girl is with people, travelling, eye contact, ease of training and utter gentleness. 

She is just the perfect Bernedoodle.


Size:  Large Medium c.21” / c.22.5-23kg

Coat:  F1b, Black Tri, minimal shedding

Testing Hips/Elbows -tba • Eyes: BVA • Tested For: PRa, Vwd, DM, EIC, IC.  BbEE - Sps - kyky - atat - F/IC


Rocky is my striking new Bernedoodle stud muffin. 

This wee chap has a light frame and will be a small medium size when full size. However when partnered with Piper, pups WILL be medium sized.

Rocky came from a breeder who, like myself, spends time on making sure the right pairings happen between the right health tested parents.  So I know that as a minimum Rocky's parents and grandparents have all been hip/elbow x-rayed, and DNA health tested before breeding.

Rocky is excellent with other dogs, friendly with people and children, and loves to run and play.  He is a typical cheeky, happy and affectionate young puppy.   

Size:  Small Medium c.18” / c.14kg

Coat:  F2, Black Tri, non-shedding

Testing Hips/Elbows -tba • Eyes: BVA • Clear for: PRa, Vwd, DM, EIC, IC.  BbE - S/tbc - kyky - atat - F/tbc


Daisy will be having one litter only in late 2024. 

This will be a mini- small medium Australian Bernedoodle mating planned to create a true mini size with a silkier, non-shedding fleece coat, and exceptional temperament.  Daisy is a black tri-phantom colour.

Size:  c.16-17” / 11 kg

Coat:  Australian Labradoodle, Black Tuxedo carrying Tri Phantom, non-shedding, fleece coat

Testing Hips/Elbows -tba • Eyes: BVA • Clear for: PRa, Vwd, DM, EIC, IC.  BbEe - Ssp - kyky - atat - FF

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